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A Fool for Ya
There's no fool like an old fool so the saying goes
How many times can I pick myself up dust off my clothes
To hear you say I'm sorry's wearing thin I suppose
But I'm a Fool for Ya
When the telephone rings I pretend I'm not home...
radio louder ... put on earphones...
but your voice is so filling and
I'm just skin and bones just a fool for ya

I can't count the fires I've sat in front of alone
Staring at the flames yellow, orange, and gold
The hands on the clock just give me more proof
when you're feeling like this time doesn't move

I could say I'll never LOVE again but why lie to myself too
Plain to see that with what I have,
I'll have to make do
I don't laugh as much as I'd like
but what can I do
I'm a fool for ya
Short Song Description:
Loneliness associated with being helpless and hopeless in a relationship
Long Song Description:
There is nothing more disheartening than to feel helpless to another's essence. A Fool for Ya is a state in which many people have found themselves and are quite helpless. There is regret, and no resolve except to deal with it.
Story Behind the Song:
I wrote this from personal experiences. It seemed to just flow in one breath. Not every tune is so forthcoming. It felt good to release it.
Lyric Credits: Robert Wuagneux
Music Credits: Robert Wuagneux
Producer Credits: Robert Wuagneux
Publisher Credits: Robert Wuagneux
Performance Credits: Robert Wuagneux
Label Credits: Independent
Song Length: 2:45
Primary Genre: Pop-Easy Listening
Secondary Genre: Pop-Easy Listening
Tempo / Feel: Medium (111 - 130)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Attracted, Crush
Subject Matter 2: Loneliness
Mood 1: Moving
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later