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Falling Down
Since kindergarten I've had my eyes on you
Gave you my lunch and my twinkies too
And now you're all grown up and on the loose
I'm Falling Down
Some things like true love don't
fade away...
Time can pass and looks can change feelings stay the same..
cause love that's true...always feels brand new...and your world spins around and you start to FALL DOWN
Then all through grade school and beyond...I thought my big chance had come and gone...and then I saw YOU and the THRILL is on
I'm Falling Down
I knew you were the one back in the day..and I knew then what I know now and will always...that love that's true...always feels brand new...then your world spins around and you start to FALL DOWN...
Falling Down falling Down
Short Song Description:
Joy of renewing an old flame
Lyric Credits: Robert Wuagneux
Music Credits: Robert Wuagneux
Producer Credits: Robert Wuagneux
Publisher Credits: Robert Wuagneux
Performance Credits: Robert Wuagneux
Label Credits: Independent
Song Length: 3:21
Primary Genre: Rock-Roots/Rock n' Roll
Secondary Genre: Rock-General
Tempo / Feel: Fast (151 - 170)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Language: English
Era: 1990 - 1999